Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms? Are Mushrooms Safe For Dogs?

Close-Up Of Dog Smelling Mushrooms

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Can dogs eat mushrooms? You might be asking this if you spotted your dog sniffing mushrooms in the backyard, or because you want to share a healthy human snack with your dog. Humans can eat mushrooms, so are they also safe for dogs to eat?

As there are a wide variety of mushrooms, there is no short, simple answer as to whether or not dogs can eat mushrooms. Some mushrooms can have health benefits for dogs, just like humans. But also like humans, certain species of mushrooms can be toxic and potentially lethal to your dog.

As always, you must check with your vet before sharing any human food with your dog, including mushrooms. Here’s what you need to know about feeding mushrooms to your dog.

When Are Mushrooms Okay For Dogs To Eat?

Unless you’re a mycologist — a biologist who studies fungi like mushrooms — you should stick to store-bought mushrooms for your dog.

Even if you’re an experienced forager, not all mushrooms that are safe for humans are also automatically safe for dogs.

So say, for example, you sauté some mushrooms in a light olive oil and want to give your dog one. That should be okay, so long as your vet approves. Just be sure you aren’t mixing mushrooms with any other vegetables or seasonings that could be toxic to your dog.

Plain mushrooms are great sources of B vitamins and minerals like potassium for your dog.

When Are Mushrooms Unsafe For Dogs?

Boxer dog in the forest with mushrooms. Boletus edulis season.

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If you’re in the backyard or out on a hike and see your dog has gotten a hold of some random mushrooms, then it’s time to contact your vet.

Try to collect any remaining mushrooms your dog ate to better help your vet determine what course of action to take.

Depending on what mushroom your dog ate, they can experience a variety of symptoms, including:

And that’s just to name a few of the symptoms your dog could have with mushroom poisoning. Without quick treatment, the situation could become more dire or even deadly. Do not wait to call your vet.

In North America, both humans and dogs most commonly suffer symptoms after ingesting mushrooms from the Amanita species.

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Has your dog ever accidentally eaten wild mushrooms before? How did you make sure your dog wasn’t suffering from mushroom poisoning? Let us know in the comments below!

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